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About Yachaqui Wayi


Yachaqui Wayi means "House of Learning" or "House of Sharing Knowledge" in local Quechua. All the important decisions in this project are made by local Andean community during group meetings. The name of the association, Yachaqui Wayi, was agreed upon by all members.  We want this center to be theirs, and after a period of training they will be running the center autonomously, as they are already leading the community-based tourism projects in their own communities.

The Yachaqui Wayi project had been a dream for many years.  In 1999-2000 families from the Vicos and Humacchuco communities started their home stay tourism projects with the support of The Mountain Institute. In 2005 Crooked Trails received a donation from the Triad Foundation that made the center possible.  During the first meeting between The Mountain Institute and Crooked Trails a preliminary version of the center was developed. Next, a meeting with all participating community members took place.  Everyone was enchanted by the idea and gave us recommendations on how to create a center true to their shared goals.



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The Yachaqui Wayi Responsible Travel Center is located in downtown Huaraz.  Inside visitors can learn about the projects within the different communities, book home stays, and purchase handmade weavings from the community of Huaripampa.  As the center continues to develop we hope to bring in and sell more products from the different communities, and hold educational workshops led by community members.

The campesinos at a workshop.


We would like to thank all the people that have, and continue to help us make this project a reality. Without all of our volunteers and donors this center could not be possible.





If you want to help, please look at our Volunteers page and Donations page. Thank you very much!

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 Contact information Yachaqui Wayi:

Yachaqui Wayi Responsible Travel Center

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The Mountain Institute
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